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How to Print Double-Sided on Microsoft Word

If you are someone who prints word documents frequently, you know that the cost of paper can add up quickly. It is therefore always nice when you can find efficient ways to cut your costs.  One of the easiest ways to cut down on costs (and save trees) is through double-sided printing. This article details… Read More »

Why is My Printer Offline?

Wireless printers have ushered in a new age of convenience. With the click of a button, you can send a document to a printer a foot away, a room away, or even a full town away (as was the case with my former work printer). However, with the emergence of this new technology, we have… Read More »

What Does Collate Mean in Printing

To collate or not collate? That is the question. Collating is one of the most useful settings on modern printers. However, as many of us have discovered as we’ve sat with our cursor over the “collate” button, trying to determine when it is beneficial to use collation is not as easy as it sounds. This… Read More »