Brother Printer Low Toner Override

If you’ve ever received a low toner warning but decided to throw caution to the wind and print anyways, then you’ve likely discovered one of the universal truths of printers: the low toner warning doesn’t mean that your printer is totally out of toner. However, when that low toner warning is triggered, most Brother printers… Read More »

Brother Printer Offline

Have you ever excitedly finished a report, only to have your joy replaced with frustration when you were unable to print on your Brother printer? If you have, then you’ve likely encountered the “printer offline” error. To save yourself (and your blood pressure) from unnecessary stress, check out the solutions below for getting your Brother… Read More »

Printer Smudging on One Side

What’s a quick way to make a report lose all professionalism or make a presentation look sloppy and incomplete? Cover it in ink smudges or track lines. After working hard on a document, the last thing you want is for your professionalism to be questioned because of a messy document. Luckily, you don’t need to… Read More »

Printer Driver is Unavailable

You’ve finished your document, you’re ready to print, you click the button, and this message appears: Printer Driver is Unavailable Frustrating! Thankfully, this is a common problem that’s generally easy to fix. There are typically a handful of reasons you might be seeing this annoying notification. Together, we’ll troubleshoot the most likely issues so you… Read More »

Printer Not Responding

With how advanced our technology has become, it can be easy to forget that we are dealing with inanimate objects. This is especially true when one of your devices, such as your printer, stops responding. Do you ever find yourself talking, pleading, yelling, or negotiating with the device the same way you would with an… Read More »

Printer in Error State

If you’re here, it means that you’ve likely encountered a dreaded pop-up on your computer screen that reads “Printer Error.” You may have received a specific error code or a general notification that an unknown error has occurred. Either way, an error pop-up, although alarming, is no reason to panic! This post will outline what… Read More »

Best Sublimation Printer

Sublimation printing is a relatively new technology; it has only been available for personal, desktop use for a few years. As you can imagine, this means that the number of “sublimation-specific” printers out there is relatively low. In fact, Sawgrass is the only company that currently produces sublimation-specific printers for personal use. Surprisingly, that doesn’t… Read More »

Why is My Printer Offline?

Wireless printers have ushered in a new age of convenience. With the click of a button, you can send a document to a printer a foot away, a room away, or even a full town away (as was the case with my former work printer). However, with the emergence of this new technology, we have… Read More »

How to Check Printer Ink Levels

There are certain universal truths in life that cannot be ignored. One such truth is that if you are in a hurry and trying to print an important document, the printer will inevitably be out of ink. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! By periodically taking a few moments to check your printer… Read More »