Printer Driver is Unavailable

You’ve finished your document, you’re ready to print, you click the button, and this message appears: Printer Driver is Unavailable Frustrating! Thankfully, this is a common problem that’s generally easy to fix. There are typically a handful of reasons you might be seeing this annoying notification. Together, we’ll troubleshoot the most likely issues so you… Read More »

Clear Canon Printer Error

Canon printers are known for being extremely reliable, as they rarely suffer from technical malfunctions. However, when they do, it can leave you feeling frustrated and helpless. Luckily, most errors that Canon printers encounter can be solved using simple, at-home solutions. Do you currently find yourself in a situation where you’re wondering, “How do I… Read More »

Printer in Error State

If you’re here, it means that you’ve likely encountered a dreaded pop-up on your computer screen that reads “Printer Error.” You may have received a specific error code or a general notification that an unknown error has occurred. Either way, an error pop-up, although alarming, is no reason to panic! This post will outline what… Read More »

Get My Epson Printer Back Online

Is your Epson printer turned on and connected to WiFi but still not showing up on your device as a printer option? You have likely run into one of the most common issues that Epson wireless printer owners face: The dreaded “offline” error. Luckily, while there is nothing more frustrating than your computer refusing to… Read More »

Switch HP Printer Offline to Online

HP Printers are known to be some of the most reliable printers on the market. However, even the most reliable printers occasionally have problems. By far, the most common issue encountered with HP printers is the dreaded “offline” status: when your printer is on but it is not coming up as a viable printing option… Read More »

Why is My Printer Offline?

Wireless printers have ushered in a new age of convenience. With the click of a button, you can send a document to a printer a foot away, a room away, or even a full town away (as was the case with my former work printer). However, with the emergence of this new technology, we have… Read More »

Print / Printer Test Page

A printer test page is one of the easiest and most effective ways to analyze and calibrate your printer’s performance. Test pages often include text, graphics, and images that, when printed, aim to maintain the health of your printer (and cartridges) while highlighting any issues that your printer may be having. Printer Test Pages can… Read More »